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E-BLUE USA eSports Arena
Gary | 09 March
E-Blue is happy to announce we'll be opening our first eSports Arena in the USA later this year! Check out these photos from our 20th ‪#‎eSports‬ Arena in Asia.
  • Low Cost for installation. For less than 8,000 USD you could open a mini e-Cafe of your own. Please contact ebluepcgaming@gmail.com for more details
  • Installation time is less than one week with our equipment. All #EBlue arena equipment is 100% removable with little to no hassle.
E-BLUE match in New York
Gary | 08 March
Great Job to Phonetap and Terrence for winning the Alienware eSports Invitational in New York City! Have fun with your new E-Blue gear!
  • "The event was awesome grin emoticon The semifinals and finals got pretty intense!"
  • "Such a great event! Can't wait for the next one"
Ironman press wrote by PC gamer magzine
Gary | 27 February
Check Out The New E-Blue Iron Man Gaming Mouse That Was Featured at ‪#‎CES‬ 2016.

"This does not look like a computer mouse. It looks like Iron Man’s face. But it’s the year 2016, and humanity’s capacity for invention is limitless. Behold: a peripheral that looks like Iron Man and lets you move a cursor around on a computer screen. What will we think of next?"

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