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Privacy statement

E-BLUE (Hong Kong) Limited is committed to comply with the principles & regulations of the personal data (Privacy) Ordinance ("Ordinance" for short), to protect the privacy of customer's personal data.

  • E-BLUE will collect, preserve and use personal profile through a lawful and fair way. These data only can be applied to business operation and other related activities for E-BLUE
  • The personal profile only can be applied to specify purposes, need to get the approval of customers for other especial purposes.
  • E-BLUE will try to save the latest and correct customer information
  • E-BLUE will preserve personal profiles in strictiest confidence, and arrange training for staff to recognize the personal profiles privacy issue. Our staff will respect customer's privacy and doesn't disclose any information to unauthorised persons.
  • For the preserved personal profile by E-BLUE, E-BLUE allows people who provide personal profile to access and change their own personal data